Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I need to be to take driver's education in the State of Maine?

How many hours do I have to drive?

When can I drive?

When does the driving portion of the course start?

I forgot I had plans that night, can I cancel my driving hours?

My parents are concerned for my safety, but I don't want to be bored.

I'm nervous because I've heard others in the class have done some driving and I don't even know how to put the key in the ignition.

What are the class rules?

What do I need to bring to class?

Do I have to use my parents car, or does the school provide one?

Why don't you provide sports cars?

What happens if I crash the car?

I'm really anxious to get my license, how long do I have to wait?

Do I have to pay to take the class again if I fail the written exam?

Parents FAQ

How long is the driver's education course?

How long is the driving portion of the course?

What happens if my son/daughter schedules a driving time without first consulting me?

What happens if my child has to miss a class?

Can I sit in on a class?

Are there any requirements of the parents?

Can I drop my son/daughter off late or pick them up early?

What restrictions are there on the provisional driver's licence?

Are there any common mistakes that some parents make regarding the permit?

Is there anything else I should be aware of regarding the permit itself?

Does the final test for the permit include a driving portion?

Do you have anything else that can help me with my teen?

What is the Maine Driving Dynamics Course?

Why can't my child be dropped off at home after their driving hours are done for the day?

Who may sign the permit application that each child comes home with after class one?

What is expected of parents after the students graduate?

What is the best way to contact the school?

Enrollment FAQ

How old do I need to be to take driver's education in the State of Maine?

Why does the price of the class vary seasonally?

Can my child take driver's education if they will turn 15 at some point during the three weeks?

What is your payment policy?

How safe are the vehicles that you provide?

How come I've paid for the course but my child has yet to drive?

What happens if I fail my eye exam?

What happens if my child takes medication?

What is the Mullen's Driving School warranty?

Is the course exactly the same during the winter months?

Which location keeps regular business hours?

What are the schedule differences between the school year and the summer months?

What is the cancellation policy for winter classes?

What is the cancellation policy for winter driving times?

Do you offer payment plans?

What forms of payment are accepted?

What is the cost of the course?

Is the school licensed and insured?

Graduates FAQ

What do I do if my permit expires?

Aaargh! I misplaced my driving log. Now what?

How many hours should I be driving with my parents before I apply for my driver's license exam?

How long is my permit valid?

What happens to me if I get a speeding ticket?

Where can I go to find out about car maintenance?

What am I required to do in the State of Maine to keep my vehicle street legal?

How soon after graduating can I register for a motorcycle course?

What is the average cost for getting caught operating under the influence?

How can my parents and I come to an agreement about how often I can drive?

Can I drive if I'm on prescription medication?

Remind me again, what is IMPLIED CONSENT?

I lost my Maine handbook, where can I get another one?

What is a class C license?

So when will I be allowed to text and drive?

Can I be ticketed for not wearing my seat belt?

Company FAQ

Do you have gift certificates available?

Why are there four different school names listed on the website?

Why do you have multiple websites for your driving schools?

Are you opening a location in my town?

Can I sub-lease any of your locations?

How much do private driving lessons cost?

How do I sign up for a private lesson?

How do you advertise?

What are senior driving evaluations?

What is the purpose of a senior driving evaluation?

How long have you been in business?

Can I visit any of your locations?

Is it possible to set up an appointment with Mr. Mullen?

I would like to put a link to your website on my site, are you interested in a link swap?


How do I find the link to the Zoom meeting?

What if I miss an online class?

Will missing a class effect my ability to drive or take the permit test?

When and where is my in-person first class?

Does the zoom link stay the same for each online class in the series?

Do I need to download the ZOOM program?

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