Drivers Evaluation

Drivers Evaluation

Is your loved one safe on the road?

Our company can provide a non-biased professional opinion.

In this 90 minute program we will assess the client's ability concerning decision making in traffic. We will evaluate the client's ability to safely navigate a motor car in a parking lot. We will have the client back into and out of parking spots. We will perform two point turns and parallel parking if requested. We will take the client onto the highway if reasonable and watch merging and lane control ability. We will practice full panic stops. We will go over risk reduction techniques.

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After the in car evaluation we will present the family with an easy to understand written evaluation. We understand that no longer having the ability to drive is a huge loss of freedom for any person. This evaluation will give you the tools you need to have a reasonable conversation about this change in life.

As we age, we often lose the ability to do things we once did. A drivers evaluation is an excellent way to ascertain if your loved one is still able to perform the tasks necessary to be a safe driver. This one on one driving evaluation can take place in one of our cars or in the car they currently drive.

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