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All classes have changed format and schedule. We are now running Zoom for the majority of our classes.
We now offer courses in the ten class format. The first class will be in person. This will allow us to recieve and verify your identifcation as is required by state law. We will also use this time to get to know your learning style. We will teach basics of behind the wheel training and awnser any questions you may have. We then will offer the next 8 classes via Zoom. At the end of the course you will be required to again join us in person for your permit test. Your driving will be scheduled after you have paid in full and you have attended the first 15 hours of class time.
The calendar below shows this new format.
This change is in response to recent global events and the changed regulations and rules created by the State to allow us to open again.

A nonrefundable payment of $300 is required to secure your seat in a class.

As of September 15th we have started some in-person classes again.
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