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This FAQ section is by no means comprehensive. Much of the information you seek will most likely be found in the section on the site that most closely resembles the category of your question. In order for site users to find the answers to their questions quickly, we have divided the FAQ page into five sections.

Teens FAQ
How old do I need to be to take driver's education in the State of Maine?
The State of Maine requires that you reach your fifteenth birthday by the first day of class. No exceptions. There is no age maximum. Anybody of any age looking to learn how to drive is encouraged to enroll in Mullen's Driving School.
How many hours do I have to drive?
The State of Maine requires each student to drive ten hours to qualify for their permit. Students will usually drive in four hour blocks with another teen from their class, switching off driving duties at each hour marker.
Four hours, I really have to drive for four hours?
You will be amazed at how quickly four hours will fly by. As we have stated, you yourself will only be driving one hour at a time while switching out with the other driver. In addition, the driver will make restroom stops whenever necessary as well as stops to stretch your legs and for a quick snack if you request to stop for food. Obviously you will not be eating behind the wheel. Also, four hours allows give you the advantage of being able to actually travel to new locations.
So does that mean I get to drive with my friends?
The instructor will do their best to see that all of the students get the opportunity to drive with everyone in the class. We find that each student benefits the most by driving with as many different drivers as possible.
When does the driving portion of the course start?
The State of Maine requires that you complete classes two and three before being allowed behind the wheel of a car.
I forgot I had plans that night, can I cancel my driving hours?
If you cannot keep your driving time, you must notify the Mullen's Driving School office at 207.892.8851 at least twenty-four hours in advance. Call the instructor you scheduled the time with. It's critical to our business that students keep their appointments, so if no notice is given, there is a $60.00 per hour missed-appointment fee. Please be very mindful when you schedule your driving time. If there is less than twenty-four hours before your scheduled time, you may try to find a replacement amongst your classmates, but you will be responsible if they don't show in your place.
My parents are concerned for my safety, but I don't want to be bored.
Don't worry, you won't be. Although your safety is our number one concern, we understand that if our students don't stay engaged, they will not retain all of the important knowledge we have to impart. So although driving is a serious subject, we are very skilled at creating an exciting and fun class atmosphere.
I'm nervous because I've heard others in the class have done some driving and I don't even know how to put the key in the ignition.
If there is one thing you can be certain of, it's that there is no piece of information too small to be covered in class. The instructors don't expect you to know anything about driving or taking care of a car. You will learn driving from square one and no one student will have an advantage over another one. We are here to help you build and grow your confidence behind the wheel.
What are the class rules?
Class rules will be covered by each instructor in class one, however there are three rules that encompass most everything you'll need to know:

  • Respect your driving instructor
  • Respect your fellow classmates
  • Respect the knowledge & school property
What do I need to bring to class?
We love it when you're prepared. For your first class, please bring a copy of your original birth certificate (passports are now accepted by the State of Maine in lieu of a birth certificate), any payment owed, plus a pen and a pad of paper to take notes. Please also bring glasses or contacts if needed. You will find additional information. In addition, there is a basic dress code (for driving safety purposes only).
Do I have to use my parents car, or does the school provide one?
We provide the automobiles for the duration of the course. We provide only vehicles with the highest safety ratings for the year of their release.
Why don't you provide sports cars?
As safety is our number one priority, we imagine that you can guess as to the reason. The fact is though, that we know your priority for taking the class is in order to be able to eventually obtain your driver's license, and to do that on your first exam. By providing you with a vehicle that will be most similar to what you will most likely drive during your high school years, we are setting you up for success early on. From the feedback we've received over the years, we know that you will attain a much greater feeling of success by parallel parking perfectly as opposed to driving around parking lots in a sports car.
What happens if I crash the car?
This is something that is very unlikely to happen. Our school is insured for every driver and it is the responsibility of the driving instructor to keep each student safe. Driving is something that requires maturity and you will be put into increasingly challenging scenarios when the instructor feels you've developed the necessary skills.
I'm really anxious to get my license, how long do I have to wait?
In addition to certain state specific driving requirements, you must meet two specific stipulations. A teen driver must have held their permit for a minimum of six months & they must be at least sixteen years old.
Do I have to pay to take the class again if I fail the written exam?
Absolutely not. The instructor will be able to work with you on scheduling a time for you to come back in and re-test.
Parents FAQ
How long is the driver's education course?
The minimum course length is mandated by the State of Maine and it is currently a minimum of three and a half weeks long. Some of our customers are heavily scheduled and prefer a longer educational interval. We also offer 5 week and 10 week courses. These classes require a smaller per week time investment and allow time to reflect on things learned in classes and while driving. Each class is comprised of ten 3 hour classes.
How long is the driving portion of the course?
In addition to the 30 hours of class time, students will be driving a total of 10 hours. They will drive with another student from their class, usually in a four hour block. This means they will spend a total of 20 hours in one of our vehicles with a licensed professional instructor.
What happens if my son/daughter schedules a driving time without first consulting me?
Although cell phone use is not allowed during class time, we encourage students to first call their parents before confirming drive times in class with the instructor. This eliminates most of the issues that come up. In addition, each student will be sent home after their first class with a cancellation policy for you to sign. Please read this carefully before signing. Cancellations without any consequences are allowed up until 24 hours before the time scheduled.
What happens if my child has to miss a class?
This is not an uncommon occurrence. It is preferential if you register your teen for a class that they will have optimum availability for during the three and a half weeks of class. If however they have to miss a class, they will be able to make that class up in another class if there is one currently scheduled on opposite days of the class they are currently enrolled in. They are more than welcome to call our main office at 800.595.9070 to see if there is another location that they can make up the class sooner at. An important final note is that the State of Maine does not allow teens to start the driving portion of driver's education until they have completed both the second and third class in their entirety.
Can I sit in on a class?
Absolutely. Please talk to your child's instructor and let them know when you would like to come in. They will be happy to accommodate you. Please feel free to share any of your experiences that you feel the students would benefit from hearing. Comments and questions are also encouraged. The same applies if you would like to ride in the car with your child during one of their driving times.
Are there any requirements of the parents?
The State of Maine requires that parents attend the final hour of the final class. We enjoy meeting the parents at this time and it is an excellent opportunity for us to pass the torch to you for the next stop in the graduated licensing program. The hour will go by quickly as we have much to share with you in regards what you should be doing over the next year with your teen driver. Please prepare as many questions as you would like to. The State of Maine does require that the person that comes on behalf of the student is a birth parent or legal guardian. Only one parent is required to attend, but of course we welcome any and all that would like to show up for the hour.
Can I drop my son/daughter off late or pick them up early?
The State of Maine explicitly outlines that the students must be in attendance for the full 30 hours. In addition, due to the nature of the information presented and the fact that we are teaching teens to keep themselves and others safe while driving, we discourage any distractions during class time that would take away from the importance of the material.
What restrictions are there on the driver's permit?
A person under 18 years of age who has been issued a driver's license may not: operate a motor vehicle between the hours of 12 a.m. and 5 a.m.; carry passengers other than immediate family members or a foreign exchange student living with the family unless accompanied by a licensed operator who has held a valid license for 2 years, is at least 20 years of age, is occupying a seat beside the driver and is licensed to operate the class of vehicle operated by the driver. Immediate family member means grandparent, step grandparent, parent, stepparent, brother, stepbrother, sister, stepsister, child, stepchild or spouse. – This information has been provided by the State of Maine Motorist Handbook and Study Guide
Are there any common mistakes that some parents make regarding the permit?
Firstly, we encourage parents to drive with their teen a minimum of 100 hours before allowing them to apply for their driver's license test. We stress that 100 hours be the bare minimum in a strong effort to continue to establish safe driving habits in each teen. We also encourage parents to drive with their teen during the winter for at least a few hours if they have already passed their driver's test by the time winter rolls around if you didn't get a chance to during the prior season. We also offer private lessons if your student took their class during warmer weather and you would rather have us use one of our cars (or your car with a professionally trained instructor) to teach your child to drive in the snow. Finally, it is very important to remember that laws in the State of Maine prohibit anyone under the age of 21 from touching alcohol. This means that they should not be grabbing a bottle of wine that you cannot reach if they are with you on a shopping trip. To be extra cautious, you should probably be the one that drives home from the store if there is any alcohol in the vehicle to avoid any complications.
Is there anything else I should be aware of regarding the permit itself?
If your child loses their permit they cannot drive until they have replaced the permit. They can download lost permit application to start the process of getting a new copy of their permit. The permit must be with them at all times while driving. The permit must not be laminated. It can be folded as long as the information on the permit remains legible. The driver that occupies the front passenger seat and meets the qualifications mentioned in the last answer must be sober and awake.
Does the final test for the permit include a driving portion?
No. The students will be completing a 50 question multiple choice test in which they must score an 80 or higher to pass. If they are unable to pass they will be instructed as to when they can come back to retest free of charge. The ten hours they spend driving completes the State of Maine requirements for the driving portion of driver's education.
Do you have anything else that can help me with my teen?
In addition to the information and handouts that will be provided during the hour you attend class, we will continue to be a resource for you and your new teen driver for as long as you need us. Please call us with questions at any time. If you find that your driving techniques are clashing with your child's driving habits and this is causing friction, we find it is best that you remain calm, have them pull the car over and switch drivers. The two of you should then call us at the next available opportunity and discuss the difference of opinion with one of our instructors and we will help you to get to the bottom of the issue. Finally, the Secretary of State has provided a parent/teen contract that we have received positive feedback from. You can download it by clicking here
What is the Maine Driving Dynamics Course?
The Maine Driving Dynamics course is a driver improvement course that is aimed to improve a student's defensive driving awareness and abilities. Parents are encouraged to take this course as it will update you as to the latest driving techniques and laws, which in turn will help you assist your son/daughter in being the safest driver that they can be. Anyone taking the Maine Driving Dynamics Course will receive a three-point credit on their driving record. We do not offer this course at this time but you can find more information by following this link.
Why does there have to be at least two students in a driver's education car at all times?
We see no reason to put your child in an uncomfortable position alone with someone they've just met, and students emphatically agree. In addition, the teens are able to split the drive time between them and thus only have to drive one hour at a time. Finally, the additional time your child will spend in the car while not behind the wheel gives us 10 more hours with them to further cement the lessons they've been taught in the classroom.
Why cant my child be dropped off at home after their driving hours are done for the day?
As explained in the answer above, students are not allowed to be alone with an instructor in one of our vehicles per company policy. If your child is dropped off, the instructor would be left alone with the second student for the remainder of the trip.
Who may sign the permit application that each child comes home with after class one?
Only a birth parent or legal guardian as appointed by a court can sign this form. Supplying false information on this form is a Class D crime. Please review the medical condition/medication question carefully.
What is expected of parents after the students graduate?
That question cannot be answered in a couple of sentences which is why we look forward to meeting you on the final hour of the final class. See you there.
What is the best way to contact the school?
Please contact us in the manner that is most convenient for you. Please click here for contact details.
Enrollment FAQ
How old do I need to be to take driver's education in the State of Maine?
You must be at least 15 years old by the first day of class.
Why does the price of the class vary seasonally?
In order to ensure all students can complete drivers education in a timely manner we set class size limits and vary our price to be more responsive to seasonal demand. We endeavor to provide the best possible education to our students and create an environment where our instructors can be their best.
Can my child take driver's education if they will turn 15 at some point during the three weeks?
The answer to this question is No. The Maine law books are very clear on this point and we are unable to make any exceptions to this. You are welcome to ask anyway, but this is a common request and we follow the letter of the law explicitly at Mullen's Driving School.
What is your payment policy?
Any amount of good faith payment will allow your child to be scheduled for driving.
When 1/2 tuition is paid, up to the 5th hour of driving will be scheduled.

The last hour of driving is scheduled after you provide full payment.
How safe are the vehicles that you provide?
All of our vehicles are the highest safety rated vehicles for their release year.
How come I've paid for the course but my child has yet to drive?
There are certain requirements from the state that need to be met before your child can drive. The three most common holdups are not having yet passed the eye exam, not having completed classes two & three yet and awaiting the approval of a CR-24 by a doctor.
What happens if I fail my eye exam?
The State of Maine requires a student pass an eye exam before being allowed to drive. Failing simply means that you need to make sure to bring any corrective lenses you may have in order to retake the test. If you don't have corrective lenses and you fail the eye exam you may need to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor. Please bring in the MVE-103 form with you when you see your doctor. You may continue in class but you may not drive until the eye exam is passed or you bring in the signed form.
What happens if my child takes medication?
If the medication may interfere with the student's ability to drive, they will need to have their family physician fill out a CR-24 to grant them permission to drive on their current medication. This will be at the discretion of the doctor.
What is the Mullen's Driving School warranty?
If a student finishes the course, and for whatever reason feels the need to revisit the classroom, they can take the entire classroom portion of the course again. For free.
Is the course exactly the same during the winter months?
Everything about the way the classes are delivered and the driving is scheduled is the same. The only differences are that they will have the advantage of learning how to drive in the snow and they may experience the inconvenience of a cancellation or two due to severe weather.
Which location keeps regular business hours?
Only our main office location in Windham keeps regular business hours from 8 am until 5 pm. You may visit us here at 104 Tandberg Trail Windham, Maine 04062.
What are the schedule differences between the school year and the summer months?
During the summer months a morning class from 9 am until noon replaces our regularly scheduled afternoon class that runs from directly after school. In some locations we offer a five week class that runs twice a week. We also offer a ten week course that runs once a week. All are available at select locations. Please check our schedules page for more details.
What is the cancellation policy for winter classes?
Since our driving schools are scattered throughout Southern Maine, we determine whether to cancel class on a town-by-town basis. While there may be snow coming down in Westbrook, it may be just rain in Portland. If we do cancel class, we'll notify local radio and television stations and post to Twitter and update our cancellation page.
What is the cancellation policy for winter driving times?
Each instructor decides whether to cancel scheduled driving hours. If an instructor determines it is unsafe to drive, he or she will notify the students affected. But we think it's important for students to learn how to handle light weather conditions. After all, we live in Maine so we tend to drive through light snow. Students will not drive on ice or in sleet.
What should I bring to my first class?

We love it when you're prepared. For your first class, please bring an original birth certificate plus one black and white photocopy (passports are now accepted by the State of Maine in lieu of a birth certificate), any payment owed, plus a pen and a pad of paper to take notes. Please also bring glasses or contacts if needed.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes. Please call our home office during the day and we will be happy to discuss this with you at 800.595.9070.
What is the cost of the course?
Please call our Office at 1-800-595-9070 for our latest pricing.
Is the school licensed and insured?
Absolutely. In addition, we meet every state requirement and comply with all state suggestions.
Graduates FAQ
I lost my permit! What do I do?
Don't panic. You can get a new permit at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for just $5.00. Be sure to bring your birth certificate with you. This is the application
What do I do if my permit expires?
If a permit expires, the person must take an exam for a new permit but will not be required to wait before applying for a road test.
What is the Mullen's Driving School warranty?
If a student finishes the course, and for whatever reason feels the need to revisit the classroom, they can take the entire classroom portion of the course again. For free.
Aaargh! I misplaced my driving log. Now what?
You can download and print up a new one here. You can also pick up as many copies as you need at our office in Windham.
How many hours should I be driving with my parents before I apply for my driver's license exam?
The State of Maine requires 70 logged hours. 10 of those must be at night. Mullen's Driving School feels strongly that the number of hours driven should exceed 100.
I know we went over this in class many times, but what are the restrictions applied to my permit?
A permit holder may not operate a motor vehicle between the hours of 12 a.m. and 5 a.m.; carry passengers other than immediate family members or a foreign exchange student living with the family unless accompanied by a licensed operator who has held a valid license for 2 years, is at least 20 years of age, is occupying a seat beside the driver and is licensed to operate the class of vehicle operated by the driver.
How long is my permit valid?
A permit is valid for 24 months.
What happens to me if I get a speeding ticket?
This will depend on the severity of the crime. However, violations of the conditions of the permit's restrictions will result in a 180 day extension of the restrictions which may extend beyond the 18th birthday.
Where can I go to find out about car maintenance?
Our instructors have years of experience with automobiles and they are a wealth of information. As they are local to your communities they will be able to point you in the right direction for any repairs or maintenance you need for your car. Feel free to contact us at any time for recommendations.
What am I required to do in the State of Maine to keep my vehicle street legal?
Your vehicle must have a title. It must be registered and inspected each year and it must have a minimum of liability insurance.
How soon after graduating can I register for a motorcycle course?
Applicants must be 16 years of age, pass the motorcycle knowledge test, a sign test and a vision screening. Completion of basic driver education is required if under age 18.
What is the average cost for getting caught operating under the influence?
The state of Maine averages the cost of getting caught operating under the influence at over $7,000. This is probably a low number as it estimates the loss of work value at only $300. Of course this number will be much higher if you lose your job or are unable to get to your job as a result of your OUI.
How can my parents and I come to an agreement about how often I can drive?
Communicating effectively is key. Please download this parent/teen contract as a tool to help negotiate your driving privileges.
Can I drive if I'm on prescription medication?
This is something only your doctor would be able to answer for your. The state makes no difference in the categorization of operating under the influence whether it's illegal drugs, prescription drugs or alcohol. Make sure to check with your physician to see if you will be able to drive while taking your medication.
Remind me again, what is IMPLIED CONSENT?
When you operate a motor vehicle in Maine you automatically consent to a test at any time the authorities wish to administer it. You will not be forced to take such a test, but your driver's license will be immediately suspended if you refuse.
I lost my Maine handbook, where can I get another one?
You can pick up another copy for free at the BMV or you can download a copy here.
What is a class C license?
Class C is the standard license classification issued to most motor vehicle operators. A Class C license covers any single vehicle or combination of vehicles that does not meet the definition of Class A or B.
So when will I be allowed to text and drive?
Never! Next question.
Can I be ticketed for not wearing my seat belt?
Yes, not wearing your seat belt at any age is a ticketable offense.
Company FAQ
Do you have gift certificates available?
Yes. We have gift certificates available by mail. You can purchase them for any amount you would like. Please call 800.595.9070 if you would like the latest tuition fee information.
What are the purposes of your Facebook and Twitter accounts?
Due to the importance of safety in teaching teens to drive, we constantly endeavor to engage the students in as many ways as possible. Through social networking, we are able to update students with the latest driving school news. In addition, it gives the students a platform to communicate with each other on projects, driving times and homework in a monitored setting.
Why are there four different school names listed on the website?
Being in business for over 46 years has enabled us to open many locations throughout Southern Maine. Select locations have been purchased from other schools with excellent reputations and as they were recognizable in the community as such, we have kept those locations names. Those select locations are listed in that manner on our websites.
Why do you have multiple websites for your driving schools?
In keeping with the answer to the last question, we want to be represented correctly in every community we are in. If you are located in a town and you are familiar with one of our schools that goes by a name other than Mullen's Driving School or The Driving School, we want you to be able to recognize those schools as being affiliated with all of our other locations. We also wanted to make it as easy for people to locate us online.
Is there anything else you can tell us about Bob Mullen?
Bob would like all graduates past and present to be aware that he is a professional career counselor. We want to make as positive a mark as we can in each community we serve and Bob makes himself accessible to all students regardless of location for many other services that you will find listed throughout this website.
Are you opening a location in my town?
If there is a public/private school without a driver's education program and you would like one in your town, please give the office manager a call at 800.595.9070 or please e-mail us.
Can I sub-lease any of your locations?
Emphatically the answer is yes for many of our locations. If you have a class you would like to conduct or a location for your next meeting, please give the office manager a call at 800.595.9070 or please e-mail us.
How much do private driving lessons cost?
Please give us a call at 800.595.9070 to get more information on the cost per hour. For prior students, the cost of a private lesson is the same rate per hour that you would have paid during your time in driver's education.
How do I sign up for a private lesson?
Please feel free to call us to set up a driving appointment.
How do you advertise?
There are three main ways in which most people discover our schools. As we have been in business for over 44 years, we are fortunate that our reputation for excellence and developing safe drivers enables us to enroll many students through simple word of mouth. In addition to the visibility of our locations, our red cars can be seen on an ongoing basis all over Southern Maine. Thirdly, yellow pages and our online presence have been an important piece in allowing people to discover us and what we have to offer.
What are senior driving evaluations?
A senior driving evaluation is an opportunity for your elderly loved ones to drive their own vehicle with one of our licensed instructors. We can also provide one of our cars if needed.
What is the purpose of a senior driving evaluation?
If the son or daughter of an elderly parent contacts the Secretary of State because they fear that their parent is no longer fit to drive, there is a possibility that the elderly individuals driver's license will be revoked permanently. By having us evaluate their driving as an initial step, we are able to assess their driving, give them some tips and educate them on any new laws they may not be familiar with. This means that the next decision that you make can be made with the results of an evaluation performed by a professional.
How long have you been in business?
We have been in business in Southern Maine for over 46 years.
Can I visit any of your locations?
All are welcome to visit our schools. Please call our main office at 1.800.595.9070 first to find out what the schedule is for the location you are looking to visit.
Is it possible to set up an appointment with Mr. Mullen?
Please call 800.595.9070 to speak with our office manager about any meetings you would like to set up.
I would like to put a link to your website on my site, are you interested in a link swap?
Exchanging links are reviewed on an individual basis. Please call our office manager at 800.595.9070 to discuss this further.

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