We have been refining the way we teach drivers education since 1989.

Below you will find links to important documents you may need and videos that will help you remember the things you learned.

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Chapter 9 rules for drivers education


Active Intervention. length of video 13:23

Tips for teaching students on the autistim spectrum length of video 15:04

Continued Education

From the STATE: "Also, if you have already completed the AAA online How to Drive course, we will accept that again, for the 2020 renewal year. That course is 25 hours and fulfills the entire 16 hours of continued education. I believe the cost is approximately $25. We will also honor the AAA online Mature Operator course which is approved for 5 hours. Below you will find links to a few of the most recent courses we have accepted that were submitted by instructors."

Supplemental Online Driving Course

Roadwise (Mature Operator Course)

drugs and alcohol

substance abuse and suicide

burnout and depression

Blended Learning: Integrating Technology Into The Classroom - Model Teaching

Transforming Traditional Classroom Lessons to Online Learning (modelteaching.com)

Remote Learning 101 | Ditch That Textbook (teachable.com)